Today, like any other day, I got hungry. I did what any other individual would do, closed my book, went to the kitchen thinking only about the sandwich I’m about to make.   Today, like any other day, as a normal individual, I was eating while surfing my social media account. But unlike any other day, a picture […]

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Waking Up To Wake Up

At times I just randomly wake up, pray for god and thank him for the blessing of life, yet I cant help but wounder, there is no steeper than where i’m at right now, is there? only to find a small hole that barely fits, extending to beyond the eye can see.. But who would jump […]

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Your Laugh

” Your Laugh Alone Needs A Whole Heart To Love ”  Merely Five small words with alot of hidden meaning.. Does such love still exist? If it does, I really hope it stays hidden, to be shielded and taken good care of, For the word “Love” is now merely just another word that has been poisoned by […]

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I tried to call the doctor But the line is always dead So I spend the night Talking to my cigarettes Guess it’s not the same But smoke does this thing Just as good when I’m hiding When it takes clouds into my head. ―Andrea Valenzuela

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John Forbes Nash Jr.

“I’ve always believed in numbers, in the equations and logics, that lead to reason, But after a life time of self persuite, I ask, What truely is logic? Who decides reason? my questions’ve taken me through the physical, the metaphysical, the delusional, and back. and i have made the most important discovery in my career, […]

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A Letter To The Undead

Hello honey, how are you?  I hope you’re okay since its been some time sice you visited me… How long has it been? 3 years, 2 months,29 days and 21 hours? But who’s counting right?  Well, im doing great really! Im gonna be one of those theives and scams you always hated, yes a dentist […]

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Final Silence

Eyes closed never to be opened again, Poison’s running deep in my veins! .. why.. Why did you reviel youself to me? I liked it better when i hated you! I loved it more when you misstreated me! I cherished the distance you kept away from me! .. But i cant help it… I Love […]

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