John Forbes Nash Jr.

“I’ve always believed in numbers, in the equations and logics, that lead to reason,
But after a life time of self persuite, I ask, What truely is logic?
Who decides reason?
my questions’ve taken me through the physical, the metaphysical, the delusional, and back.
and i have made the most important discovery in my career, The most important discovery of my life, it is only in the mysterious equations in love, that any logical reasons can be found, im only here tonight because of you, you are the reason i am, you are all my reasons,
thank you”
the small speech professor John Forbes Nash Jr. gave in his nobel award ceremony, a true genuis who knew the true value of the RIGHT woman.
R.I.P ‪John Forbes Nash Jr.Nash

4 thoughts on “John Forbes Nash Jr.

  1. You know this is fictional, right? Nash never gave an acceptance speech. It’s from the movie “A beautiful mind”.
    The idea is beautiful, though. 🙂


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